A quick ride on the Oscars bandwagon…

February 23, 2009

‘You must go and see it!’ insisted my neighbour, who as far as I can recall has never mentioned a movie in the 22 years we’ve known each other. ‘It’s amazing. It’s got everything. It’s brilliant.’

‘It’ was of course ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Since last night Husband and I have renewed our efforts to find a free evening to see it – partly because it sounds great and partly so we don’t become social outcasts. I still haven’t seen ‘Trainspotting,’ so am embarrassed enough already.

‘Yes, but this is a writer’s blog,’ I hear you say. ‘What do you know about films, anyway?’

Well clearly, not a lot. But here’s a link to some people who do. Over at The Script Factory website, there’s a fine analysis of how Simon Beaufoy structured the script. Thanks to Fiona for providing the link amongst all her other goodies over at The Crafty Writer. (Oops – as she warns in the comments below, the analysis does give away the ending – something I should have mentioned in case there’s anyone else out there who hasn’t seen it yet.)

OK, that’s me off the bandwagon now. Back to a world without electricity, or even a biro. At last, Ruso 4 is under way.

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  1. It was a great movie! Glad it won all those awards yesterday

  2. Thanks for the link Ruth. Just a word of caution: if you haven’t seen the film yet, don’t read the script analysis (it gives away the ending).

  3. I didn’t even know about it when I was offered to review it for Cornerhouse here in Manchester, but the children both said it’d be a good film to see. So we went. I’m so glad I’ve not had to suffer socially due to my ignorance.


  4. Good grief, you’re Culturewitch as well? I’m very impressed. Are there any other witches out there we should know about? When do you find time to sleep?

  5. Split personalities. Only two witches that I know of.

    Never sleep. You have to suffer for your art. And stuff.

    • Ah, that’s where I’ve been going wrong.

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