Normal service will be resumed shortly

October 21, 2010

Apologies for the recent quietness of the blog - we’ve been having a few technical problems here at Downie Towers. 

Strangely, the computer remains dead despite the application of the entire domestic repertoire of technical know-how.  This ranges from repeated grumbling to poking, slapping, switch-clicking and fuse-swapping, aided by the occasional cry from spouse of,  ‘Haven’t you got it working yet?’  (This last is always especially helpful.)

More soon, when we hope to have triumphed over technology. 

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  1. Plugging it into a functioning power socket has been known to work. Failing that, it may need a new power supply unit (inside the computer). I’m assuming that it seems to be completely dead. If the hard disk has died, the computer won’t work, but there may be some small signs of life from other components.

    • Thanks Jonathan. Fingers crossed it’ll be the power supply…

  2. I find that a sledge hammer works well with a dead computer and it works out all the rage that has built up.

    • Yep, the sledge hammer worked fine. Hasn’t improved the computer any, tho’.

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