Gloriously gory

May 17, 2012

Oh, look! Or perhaps, don’t look. I’ve just found the link to the publicity poster for Deva 2012 - http://www.chesterromanfestival.org/ I can’t figure out how to reproduce it here but in case anyone of a nervous disposition is reading this, that’s probably just as well*.

Several of us who merely write about murder and mayhem (as opposed to recreating it) will be over in the park, lurking under a sign saying, ‘Meet the Roman Authors.’  Given the authors involved (see the previous post) I can’t guarantee that it’ll be a sword-free zone, but guests will get a warm welcome, and a chance to win a copy of the next book when it comes out.

*No gladiators were harmed during the making of this poster. Allegedly.

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  1. Whoa…for a minute I thought it was another advert for the rugby…

  2. Oh dear no, not quite as violent as that…

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