June 5, 2013

…is at last available in the UK, hooray! Apologies for the long wait, but it should now be downloadable from all good ebook “shops”.

Hardback print editions are not in the High Street yet but imports are available. I’m sorry about any confusion caused by the different release dates in different countries, but at least this book will only have one title. That may not be exciting for anyone else, but it cheers me no end.

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  1. That’s excellent news, Ruth, congratulations. It’s on my TBR list. As you know I don’t read other authors’ Roman-era mysteries while I’m in the throes of writing my own, which I am now, but that means I have it to look forward to once I’ve finished work on my current one. I hope it does really well – I’m sure it will.

  2. Congratulations, and that’s great news about the single title. It cheers me too. We seem to have both the title variations here, so making sure I found all of your back catalog was made a bit irksome.

  3. No problem! We can deal with it. We always prefer a real book.

  4. Huzzah. Dived into iBooks and got my copy before leaving this comment. That’s the rest of the commute sorted…

  5. Thank you, Jane and Adam – I hope you enjoy it.

    El, I’m sorry about the inconvience – it drove me crackers too. I hope things will be a bit more straightforward from now on.

    Allan – thanks for your patience. As soon as I know when the print edition is out, it’ll be on the blog.

  6. That’s good news about the e-book Ruth and hooray for it having the same title.

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